Get divorce financial planning expertise when you need it most.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) is your go-to financial expert throughout the divorce process. We are trained to watch for adverse tax consequences, to demystify financial decisions and investments, and to provide analysis that will help you understand the assets to keep and which assets to let go of.  

Divorce settlements can have unintended financial consequences. Getting expert advice about your unique financial needs and hearing an objective viewpoint during such an emotional situation can provide peace of mind that your settlement is financially feasible. 

In How Many Ways Can We Help You Identify Clear Options For Your Financial Future?



Child Support and Alimony

Child Support is based on your state’s guidelines, but there can be reasons for deviating from those guidelines. Are you sure your calculations are correct? Alimony is largely discretionary and often causes significant angst to both payor and payee. 


Real Estate

Your real estate includes your marital home and any other homes, including vacation properties, timeshares, and rental properties. How will these assets be divided? Can you afford to keep these assets?


Retirement Assets

What’s the most efficient way to divide retirement savings? Will you need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)?



Remember that not all assets have the same tax consequences. Ensure your settlement considers tax implications.


Pension Valuation

Most divorce attorneys are unaware how to correctly value pensions and instead rely on valuations by outside experts whose costs will be passed onto you. We regularly value pensions and include the valuation in our fixed fee.


Stock Options and Restricted Stock Units

Properly value and divide your stock options and RSU’s to ensure fairness in the division of assets. How can these be divided to minimize taxes and risk?


Financial Projections

Evaluate how various settlement options will affect your financial health one, five, ten, twenty years from now.


Owned Businesses and Rental Property

Value your businesses accurately without spending a fortune.


Hidden Assets

Are there assets you’re not aware of? Make sure these are considered.


Cash Flow and Budgeting

Understand how your settlement will affect your standard of living and ability to pay bills.


Military, Civil Service, and Federal Employee Divorce

Ensure you follow all of the complex rules involved in preparing divorce and separation agreements for current or former members of the military, federal government, or civil service


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Providing divorce financial planning expertise when you need it most.

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