Divorce Mediation for Couples

    Mediation is a process in which individuals meet with a neutral party in an attempt to resolve disputed issues with the objective of reaching a mutually agreeable, workable solution. In this role we serve as a financial neutral working with both spouses, and we provide an experienced mediator trained in divorce and family mediation. This service is often best for long-term marriages with financial complexity. There are many benefits to mediating your divorce as outlined below, but perhaps the greatest benefit for most people is feeling like your concerns have been heard and that you were able to negotiate the best outcome rather than leave it up to a court to decide.

  • The benefits of Divorce Mediation for Couples are:

      • We serve as a Financial Neutral working with both spouses to achieve a financially fair settlement
      • Mediation includes a prepared Memorandum of Understanding to be taken to a family law attorney for filing
      • Takes less time – a divorce in a court process takes 18-24 months or more – a mediation can be done in a matter of weeks which often saves money too
      • Flat-fee pricing
      • A mediation can be scheduled at your convenience not forced on you based on a court’s schedule
      • It allows the participants to make the decisions instead of leaving it the hands of a third-party
      • It allows the parties to be creative in their settlement options
      • It often helps parties maintain a cordial relationship, which is a benefit particularly if they have children together
      • It is completely confidential, so you keep your private life private instead of parading failures, accusations and disappointments through a court hearing