5 Steps to an Easier Divorce

1 Complimentary 30 min consultation

During our first meeting, we'll discuss where you are in the process and what you hope for in your future. We'll also explore how we can help you through the process to save you time and money. Finally, we will review the options available and determine how you'd like to proceed. In most cases, we work with one spouse in the relationship as their advocate.  We are also available to work as a financial neutral where the divorcing couple is amicable and simply wishes to work through the financial matters of their divorce in a quick and transparent fashion. If this is the case, we will request to speak with each spouse independently for an initial consultation before agreeing to take on the role of financial neutral.

2 Review and sign all necessary forms

Once we've agreed to work together, we will sign the necessary paperwork and provide you with a list of the information we'll need to begin the analysis. You will also receive a secure link to upload the information directly to a shared folder.

3 Comprehensive analysis and one to one meeting’s

Once all information has been submitted and analyzed, we may have additional questions or may request more information. Once we have a comprehensive view of your situation, we will schedule a meeting to learn what concerns you have as well as what your needs and desires are for resolution.  In the event we are working as a financial neutral, we will meet with each spouse independently.

4 Findings, options, and report delivery

Here we will review the analysis and begin considering different options. This may take more than one meeting. We work diligently to be sure that no one gets overwhelmed or feels pressured to decide. Once the decisions are made, we will share this information with your attorney.  In the event we're working as a financial neutral, we will issue a report that describes what has been agreed to by both parties and will recommend the report be reviewed by an attorney. If you are not represented by an attorney you will need to file pre se paperwork or have an attorney draft the settlement agreement to file it in Alabama. 

5 Post-divorce transition

Once your divorce is final, we can work with you to be sure that all agreed upon items are taken care of in a timely manner.